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Todd Casil, better known as Squee after the noise he makes when frightened, is a young boy who first appeared in issue #1, living next door to the title character, Johnny C. His parents neglect him (especially his father, who works long hours) and his only shown friend other than Johnny is a small teddy bear that he carries around named Shmee. Shmee tells Squee that all his fears and nightmares are inside him in a dream.


A quiet, introverted child who is frequently targeted by bullies and his abusive parents, Squee has been forced to mature a bit more quickly than his peers. He is fond of writing, but sadly he only receives criticism from his teacher (a prototype of Miss Bitters) and taunting from his classmates. Any attempts he makes to deflect these hostilities only results in being shoved into the dirt or otherwise humiliated. Squee's mother is addicted to some form of pill and spends a lot of time lying around in a nearly incoherent state. She often forgets who Squee is, or that she even has a child to begin with. Squee's father loathes him and never misses a chance to blame Squee for 'ruining' his life, claiming that he "hasn't smiled once since [Squee] was born." Having little patience for anything Squee says or does, he eventually becomes convinced that Squee is mentally unstable, and by the end of the series, has him committed to the "Defective Head Meat Institute."

The greatest irony concerning Squee is that, according to Jhonen Vasquez, he is perfectly sane, and one of the few genuinely sane characters in the series.

Nny and Pepito are very close to him and care about him like brothers.