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Tess is a pseudo-goth who uses the goth subculture as a way to make friends with others. She is not very good socially, however, and does not like the idea of being alone (that is until her experiences with Dillon, Krik, and the inner sanctum of Johnny's house). She dated another pseudo-goth named Dillon for only one reason: he was in a band. She didn't like his personality and hated the fact that he always treated her like garbage. At one point, she and Dillon are captured by Johnny. Only Dillon is tortured, however, as he was the one that wronged Johnny. Eventually, she is rescued by Krik just as The Wall Monster rips Dillon apart Mortal Kombat fatality-style.

They then attempt to escape from the house, but are constantly stopped by their inability to get along, by the various prisoners within the house (whom they don't save), by the Doughboys, and finally by a dying Johnny. Upon discovering that the world has become a void and upon the death of Krik and The Wall Monster, she fades from existence. She did survive the reboot of the universe, however, as she is mentioned in a later Anne Gwish comic. We can assume that she retains no memory of what had happened before.

Tess may be the battery store cashier in the Invader Zim episode "Game Slave 2"; she is voiced by Melissa Fahn, the same voice actress for Gaz. As a result, Fahn makes Tess sound much like Gaz when she turns 20-21.

Tess, as the battery store clerk in Game Slave 2.