After teasing the crowd for a few minutes with lines like, “It’s my pleasure to announce… this big announcement!” Jhonen finally came out and officially announced an original Squee animated short. Squee is a little kid who first appeared in the pages of Vasquez’s Slave Labor Graphics comic book series  Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and would go on to appear in his own miniseries. As anyone who has read a Squee story can tell you, good things don’t happen to the wide-eyed little tyke. If fact, very horrific things usually befall Squee, much to the apathy of his parents. This will also be the case in the animated short titled, Squee versus the Labyrinth of Meat, in which Squee’s parents sell him to an evil fast food corporation which uses children for meat. “They’re like McDonalds, but it’s not McDonalds.” Vasquez explained before adding, “They’re totally McDonalds.” The idea for an animated Squee short came from the idea of using Kickstarter to fund a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac movie. The Squee short is a test run for a potential larger Johnny project in the future.