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Reverend Meat

Reverend Meat is a character from the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comic book series.

Continuing the series' trend of inanimate objects imbued with personalities, Reverend Meat is a Bub's Burger Boy statuette who begins speaking to Johnny after his rebirth. He represents the desire for instant gratification and physical sensation, and encourages Johnny to give into his every urge and desire without thinking. This perspective stands in stark contrast with Nny's decision, post-death, to "cleanse" himself of all emotion and desire; Johnny dislikes and argues with Reverend Meat, and tends to ignore him in favor of Mr. Samsa the cockroach.

Reverend Meat claims that he is not like the Doughboys (whom he characterizes as "mere manifestations of a manifestation"), and offers as proof of this statement the fact that he's holding up a giant hamburger. Reverend Meat's name is not mentioned in the comic itself, but Jhonen Vasquez provided it in an interview, and listed it in the JTHM: Director's Cut.

The character Reverend Meat is most likely based off of the mascot for the Big Boy restaurant chain.