Peepsy and Poopsy

Peepsy vs Poopsy
is the first story in Jellyfist. According to the commentaries and some interviews, this was the comic that started the whole "Jellyfist" idea. According to Jhonen it took Jenny just a few hours to finish it.

This story, just like all the others from this book, is rather bizarre. A yellow bunny-like creature with a blue cape and some sort of hat that reads "The Peep." is looking intently to a pile of feces says to it "I sure do like stuff", the poop says nothing, and Peepsy (as the commentaries and the story's title confirm as the name of the bunny-like creature) seems to wait for three years the answer to such a random comment, after the 3 year waiting Poopsy (as the commentaries and the title confirm to be the name of the feces) answers and Peepsy in some sort insanity moment, confirms what Poopsy just told him, and in what seems a horrific realization Peepsy dies. Poopsy is seen fishing just a panel, just before in what seems the last moments of life of Peepsy.