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The third isuue of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.


Johnny takes a leisurely walk while listening to "Ode to Joy" on his portable CD player until a man outside of Café le Prick insults him after Johnny informs him that he does not smoke. Johnny then kills everyone in the café, including the man from the "Meanwhile..." strip that introduced Devi, while announcing each victim's crime against him and/or society in general. The sequence ends with Johnny warning the remaining patrons to 'think quickly, for a long life is never a guarantee' seconds before Café le Prick is destroyed by an explosion. A man tries to molest Squee after the boy becomes separated from his neglectful mother in the mall, but Johnny intervenes and kills the pedophile while explaining people's baser natures to the horrified Squee. Johnny tortures a drunken bully named Krik with an electric drill. Johnny abducts a goth couple, Dillon and Tess, after Dillon ruins a screening of Kafka for him. Johnny realizes that he cannot die or be brought to justice for his murders, and that the doughboys are no longer under his control. Johnny force-feeds a victim to test the freshness of the contents of his fridge, then releases the bewildered man.