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The sixth issue of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.


When Johnny's soul arrives in Heaven, he meets St. Peter and God. Johnny is thoroughly dissatisfied with the way God has been running the universe and tells him so. A woman named Damned Elise gives Johnny a tour of heaven. Johnny starts a massive psychic battle when he discovers that the souls in Heaven have mental powers which includes the ability to explode people's heads. In Hell, Johnny meets Señor Diablo, who reveals that Johnny is a "flusher" or "waste lock", a creature chosen to concentrate the spiritual byproducts generated by humans into a specific object or point in space, in this case the wall in Johnny's house. As Johnny died, the wall unleashed the built-up negative energy, in the process destroying the universe, which was then restored. Johnny then finds out that Hell's torments are entirely self-inflicted by the trivialities with which people obsessed over in life--everything from commuting to cream cheese to lint. Johnny is resurrected and finds himself in his house, but with all of his voices gone, replaced by a talking "Bub's Burger boy" named Reverend Meat.[16] Johnny is left unsure if he really died or if he experienced some kind of dream or hallucination. Later, Johnny stands in line at a 24/7 to buy a "Frooty Pop" when a robber bursts in and shoots the clerk.