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The seventh and final issue of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.


Johnny resolves to become emotionless like an insect. A copycat killer named Jimmy pays Johnny a visit and confesses to several murders, including one rape incident mentioned earlier to Johnny by both a surveyor and Tess, which enrages Johnny so much that he eviscerates Jimmy with hooks and crushes his face with a sledgehammer. Afterwards, Johnny tries to phone Devi with a prerecorded message, but she delivers a diatribe against him. Johnny then argues with Reverend Meat, who urges him to give in to his emotions, though the disembodied voice of Nailbunny tells Johnny to resist. Johnny kills a beggar requesting money for beer by shooting an arrow into his back with a "kick me" sign attached. Johnny then pays one last visit to his friend Squee, before his departure, and tells the boy that he will soon leave for a vacation, then smashes the back of Squee's father's head with a toy robot. Johnny then (for once) cuts the crap, and tells the boy that he just wants to make sure that he watches out for himself, stating that he his father is just one of his worries. Johnny then gives his young little friend some surprising words of wisdom, telling him that it's easy to be affected by his own fears and hatred, but he does not want them warp his mind and damage him permanently, and just hope that he manages as he grows up. The series ends with Johnny sitting on a cliff overlooking the city, writing in his diary.