The fifth issue of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.


Krik manages to free Tess before a monster breaks free from the wall and kills Dillon. Krik tells Tess how he ended up in Johnny's clutches. The monster runs amok in a room full of restrained victims. Tess and Krik run into the doughboys. Mr. Eff is angry about Johnny's accidental shooting while Psychodoughboy is overjoyed. The monster catches up and consumes the doughboys as Tess and Krik flee upstairs to find Johnny clinging to life. Krik stomps Johnny's skull until the wall monster breaks through the floor. Krik run for the front door, but, as he crosses the threshold, one of the monster's tentacles cuts him in half, and he falls with the monster screaming into oblivion. Tess looks into the void and fades from existence. All that is left of the world is Johnny's corpse floating through space on a section of floorboards.

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