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Invader Zim
IZ title.jpg
Title card of Invader Zim.
Creator: Jhonen Vasquez
Director: Steve Ressel
Writers: Frank Conniff
Roman Dirge
Rob Hummel
Danielle Koenig
Courtney Lilly
Eric Trueheart
Jhonen Vasquez
No. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 27 (episodes)
Original channel: Nickelodeon
Original run: March 30, 2001 — August 19, 2006

Invader Zim, branded as Invader ZIM, is an Emmy award winning television series produced and aired by Nickelodeon, and created by Jhonen Vasquez.


The series revolves around Zim. He is part of the Irken army, an extraterrestrial race devoted to conquer other planets and races, the supreme leaders of Irk (The Almighty Tallest), gave Zim the mission to conquer earth with the hope of getting rid of him, so he won't interfere with the mission "Operation: Impending Doom II", since Zim ruined "Operation: Impending Doom I"; to make it look like a real mission, they even gave Zim a S.I.R. (a small robot unit made to assist Irken Invaders ), though Zim's S.I.R. is a dysfunctional robot made with pieces found in the garbage which calls itself G.I.R. (though he doesn't know what the "G" stands for).

On Earth, Zim found his greatest obstacle to accomplish his mission and a continuous menace, a preteen boy called Dib , he will try to stop each of Zim's plans and expose his alien nature to the society.



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Zim is the main character of the series. His full name is: “Zimson von edwards the 14th”. He is an outcast on his own race, even though he doesn't realize this yet. Zim is quite smart, but he seems to lack any common sense. He is also megalomaniacal and conceited. While out in public, depending on what he's doing, he uses a very simple disguise.

The three-part series finale, would have had Zim returning to Irk to save his people and civilization from Dib and his forces (along with a returning Tak), with Invader Skoodge and Gaz's help. He would then become Irk's next Tallest, with Gaz as his consort.


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Dib is an extremely smart boy, he’s fuckin gay and will not stop until exposing Zim as an insect and therefore, proving he is not crazy. He is often mocked about having a very big head.


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GIR is Zim's dysfunctional S.I.R unit, often doing and saying very random things. He often interferes more with Zim's plans instead of helping him. GIR enjoys watching T.V., and often uses a green dog disguise to get around in public.


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Gazlene "Gaz" is an anti-social girl who is Dib's younger sister. Despite knowing that Zim is an alien, she will not do anything about it since she considers him too stupid to conquer Earth. She’s basically any edgy Netflix character.


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The series had two seasons and after the first season the series began to suffer. Before the second season was completed, the series was cancelled, leaving at least sixteen episodes unfinished. Invader Zim aired from March 30, 2001 to August 19, 2006.

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