Bloops and Blob

Ext. Some Place - Day
is the eighth story in Jellyfist. The name is a reference in how scripts are usually written, establishing first where the scene is played, a slight reference in how it should look like and the time; it's also worth to mention that this story is portrayed in the exterior at some place during the day.

The story begins with the blob and a bird-like creature named Bloops are hanging out. The blob is talking casually, and suddenly Bloops starts to eat the blob's organs. The blob screams without being clear if it is because of the pain or for the mere horrific realization of the act. Bloops seems to be oblivious of his actions being wrong, and is utterly crushed when the blob leaves, says in a hostile tone, "I guess we're not friends then"; the blob, more resembling like a corpse in this point just says, "I WANT MY STUFF BACK".