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Edgar Vargas (Right)

Edgar Vargas is a man who appeared at the beginning of JtHM (second issue, Goblins), he is quite polite and also religious. He is one of the few people (if not the only one) who Johnny doesn't want to kill, and does it only for the need of blood. Johnny is not irritated at all by him and actually seems to befriend him rather fast. Edgar never shows any kind of fear, though he makes clear the fact that he really doesn't want to die, and tries to convince Johnny to let him go (unsuccessfully). Johnny becomes angry at Edgar for talking so much, after which Edgar explains that his lack of fear is due to his strong religious beliefs, being sure that he will go to Heaven and that Johnny will go to Hell. Another factor of his courage might be because of his lack of friends and family. His brief friendship with Nny ends when Johnny kills him.

Nny doesn't understand his faith


A curious fact is that Edgar's position in the torture device is a lot like a crucifix, probably done intentionally. Though he is the most religious character in JTHM, he is not seen in Heaven at any time during Johnny's brief visit to Heaven in issue six.